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The new LANA anaesthetic machine incorporates significant benefits for large animal anaesthesia:

LANA - small animals
LANA configured for small animals
Click for a larger view
LANA - large animals
LANA configured for large animals
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Less resistance to breathing than conventional circuits
The LANA hose-in-hose breathing circuit replaces conventional bulky twin hoses. The unidirectional silicone valves are incorporated within the 52 mm inner and the 82 mm outer hose. All hoses are reinforced by a stainless steel coil and are autoclavable.

Lower dead space than conventional connectors
Short polycarbonate 30mm endotracheal tube connector. Other sizes available upon request.

Significantly lower cost of maintenance of anaesthesia
The LANA breathing circuit is pressure tested to eliminate leaks. This enables low fresh gas flow rates (2-3 L/Min) to be used in large animals down to 0.1 L/Min in small animals.

High security
The LANA Breathing Monitor, linked to the respiratory pressure gauge incorporated in the machine, produces an audible beep with each breath.

The LANA machine can be used in the field as a TRANSPORTABLE unit
For field use a portable medical oxygen cylinder can be carried in the trolley cylinder support (supplied).

Oxygen flush (by-pass) valve
The KDK80 Flow Meter has a range of 0-8 liters of oxygen per minute with click settings at 0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 L/min and an oxygen flush (for rapid filling of the breathing bag) which operates at all settings. The metered oxygen enters the proximal end of the vaporizer but the oxygen flush enters the breathing circuit (by a separate hose) distal to the vaporizer.

Cost efficient
Two machines in one. Low purchase price and low consumption of gas and anaesthetic agents.

The LANA machine is a combined machine for large AND small animals
Within seconds the LANA machine can be converted from a large to small animal anaesthetic machine. Simply detach the 15mm connection in the fresh gas line from the base of the LANA absorber and refit into the rear of the KAB circular absorber (supplied). Then connect the universal F-Hose breathing circuit and the 2 liter breathing bag (supplied) to the KAB absorber.

The LANA machine ready for anaesthesia in small animals
The KAB circular absorber holds approx. 400g of soda lime. The Universal F hose-in-hose circuit is supplied with a 2L breathing bag. LANA breathing monitor fitted as standard. A beep tone is activated during breathing by a positive pressure of approx. 1-1.5 cm H2O. On-Off switch.

The LANA machine ready for anaesthesia in large animals
The LANA hose-in-hose breathing circuit: eliminates bulky twin hoses. The 52mm expiratory hose is situated within the 82mm inspiratory hose. Low resistance to breathing. Hoses are reinforced by a stainless steel coil and are autoclavable. Fit an oxygen cylinder and regulator in the Trolley Cylinder Support (standard equipment) and the LANA machine can be used as a portable unit in the field. Occluding plug (supplied) to fill the breathing system prior to connection to the patient. The 30L breathing bag is optional.

Lifting and manipulating bulky absorbers is eliminated
The LANA carbon dioxide absorber is filled and emptied within 1 to 2 minutes through a 50 mm wide opening without detaching it from the machine. It is fitted with a swivel mechanism that rotates 180 degrees for emptying. Capacity: 4kg of soda lime (lasting for approx. 3 hours in a 500 kg animal).

LANA - swivel mechanism allowing quick emptying


  • Mobile stand, complete with trolley and support for oxygen cylinder
  • LANA hose-in-hose for large animals
  • Occluding plug for LANA hose-in-hose breathing circuit
  • Endotracheal tube connector: 30 mm (18, 25, 20 35 and 40mm sizes available on request)
  • Endotracheal tube connector for Cole Tube (Optional)
  • LANA CO2 absorber. Capacity 4 kg of soda lime. Rotates 180 degrees for rapid emptying & refilling'
  • LANA breathing monitor
  • KDK80 Flowmeter: multiple flow settings between 0-8L/Min. Incorporates an Oxygen Flush control
  • Low pressure oxygen hose line (6M) connects supply cylinder to KDK flowmeter
  • Small animal breathing circuit: KAB Circular carbon dioxide absorber, Universal F-hose and 2L breathing bag
  • Trolley Cylinder Support system for portable oxygen cylinder
  • Rod: 2 functions: to secure the LANA absorber and to undo the LANA absorber lid when changing soda lime
NOTE: The vaporizer is optional. All standard vaporizers can be incorporated in the LANA machine. All LANA machines are thoroughly pressure tested for leaks.

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