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GammaHealth features the entire line of Respironics Masks and Headgear.

spectrum.jpg - 9422 BytesSpectrum Full Face Mask

Delivering therapy through both the mouth and nose, the Spectrum mask can help eliminate problems with mouth leak and the dryness and discomfort caused by leaks. The Spectrum features a quick release mask removal and a fresh air entrainment valve. It's a safe and comfortable alternative to nasal masks. Spectrum is available in reusable and disposable styles and comes in four sizes, petite, small, medium, and large, to fit most patients.

Respironics Convertible Headgear, designed specifically for use with the Spectrum Full Face Mask, is available in small, medium, and large. The Full Face Mask may also be worn with the Simple Strap, Softcap, or the Disposable Headstrap.

Simplicity Nasal Mask

Respironics Simplicity Nasal Mask gives you big comfort in a small package. With its innovative design and streamlined construction, Simplicity is ideal for use in the treatment of Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea and for noninvasive ventilation in the home or hospital. Simplicity is small, lightweight and worn just on the tip of the nose, eliminating pressure on the bridge of the nose. Patients can even wear Simplicity and their glasses at the same time. Two sizes fit a wide range of patients for easy mask sizing and inventory management. A unique one-size-fits-most headgear is packaged with the mask. The Simplicity Mask is part of the Comfort Series. This mask contains an integrated exhalation device.

simplicity.jpg - 4087 Bytes

contournasal.jpg - 11789 BytesContour Deluxe Nasal Mask

The Contour Deluxe Nasal Mask has new features that make it more comfortable for patients to wear and easier for the healthcare providers to recommend and stock. The lightweight silicone cushion has a thin inner membrane that fills with air to create a comfortable seal. A soft gel spacer molds to the forehead for greater comfort and stability. Deluxe Headgear offers new atachment points for more secure headgear placement. Sleep specialists and home care providers will especially benefit from the Contour Deluxe's streamlined sizing system-- which makes stocking masks and fitting patients easier than ever. Contour Deluxe is part of the Comfort Series of Masks

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